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23.8.2018 / kaldy123

3x TOP 10 odkazy

Zde přikládám několik užitečných odkazů pro server-administrátory:

Top Linux Server Distributions

You know that Linux is a hot data center server. You know it can save you money in licensing and maintenance costs. But that still leaves the question of what your best options are for Linux as a server operating system.

We’ve researched, crunched the numbers and put dozens of Linux distros through their paces to compile our latest list of the top ten Linux server distributions (aka „Linux server distros“) — some of which you may not be aware.

The following characteristics, in no particular order, qualified a Linux server distro for inclusion in this list: ease of installation and use, cost, available commercial support and data center reliability.

Without further ado, here are the top 10 Linux server operating systems for 2018.

7 Free Tools for Windows Server Administrators

There is a seemingly endless array of tools out there to help you configure, manage, troubleshoot and secure Windows Servers and domains. Today we’ll share a variety of helpful – and free – server administration tools you may want to consider adding to your arsenal.

11 Load Balancers You Need to Know in 2018

Load balancing refers to spreading a service load among multiple server systems. A hardware load balancer or software-based load balancing tool can ensure maximum service availability by offering network traffic distribution services.


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