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12.1.2018 / kaldy123

Nanoserver container v Dockeru

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction

With the latest release of NanoServer, NanoServer is the leanest and meanest Windows operating system for containerization for developers and this walkthrough will get you started working on NanoServer container in your Windows 2016 quickly.


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2. Requirements

In order to work on NanoServer container, you will need to meeting the following requirements below.


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3. Preparation on Windows 2016

Let us begin in preparing your Windows 2016 to run Nano Server container.
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3.1. Instalace Hyper-V role and Containers Feature ve Windows 2016

Firstly, we will need to enable the following Windows 10 Features to start off.
Nutný restart!h

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3.3. Download Docker

Once we have validated Windows 10 requirements are met, let us download the Docker for Windows package

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