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31.8.2014 / kaldy123

Hyper-V metering

By measuring how much of these resources each virtual machine uses, an organization can bill

departments or customers based on how much resources their virtual machines use, rather than charging

a flat fee per virtual machine. An organization with only internal customers can also use these

measurements to see patterns of use and plan future expansions. You perform resource metering tasks

from a Windows PowerShell command-line interface by using the following cmdlets:

Enable-VMResourceMetering. Starts collecting data on a per virtual machine basis.

Disable-VMResourceMetering. Disables resource metering on a per virtual machine basis.

Reset-VMResourceMetering. Resets virtual machine resource metering counters.

Measure-VM. Displays resource metering statistics for a specific virtual machine.

Note: There is no graphical user interface (GUI) tool that you can use to perform resource


Additional Reading: For more information about resource metering for Hyper-V, refer to

“Hyper-V Resource Metering Overview” at http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=269714.


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